Mount Alice Harbor

Seward, Alaska


Located 125 miles south of Anchorage, Mount Alice Harbor will be located on the Kenai Peninsula in the picturesque harbor town of Seward, Alaska, known as the Gateway to the Kenai Fjords National Park. Situated on 46.5 acres of pristine uplands and adjacent tidelands. The project will provide breathtaking views of Resurrection Bay, Mount Alice and Mt. Marathon.  

The primary goal of Mount Alice Harbor is to create a leading edge “green" harbor community, using alternative energy technology along with sensitive planning and design that will respect the natural heritage of Alaska. This environmentally friendly community will become a destination for outdoor recreation, from naturalists to sport fishing enthusiasts, or offer the opportunity to simply enjoy the sunset over Resurrection Bay at the end of the day.  We see Mount Alice Harbor as a model for the future, emphasizing the natural beauty of Alaska and contributing to the quality of life for Seward residents and visitors alike.

Mount Alice Harbor is envisioned as a planned harbor community with a mixed use residential and retail waterfront pedestrian boardwalk.  The Dock Side Homes will front the harbor and have access to a medium sized marina serving vessels from 30 to 100 feet in length.  The Mount Alice Point Resort and The Point Lodge will overlook the harbor and bay, and the Bay View Homes will have panoramic views across the adjacent wetlands to Seward and Mount Marathon beyond .

Servicing the community will be a fish market, restaurant, a harbor side market, Harbor Master Office, commercial office space, dock side retail stores and local boutiques. In addition, to serving the local community, public access and parking will be provided for subsistence and sport fishing from the shore along the tidelands.

Protecting the natural resources and the environment are paramount in the planning and execution of this project.  The minimal impact on fish and game and wildlife will be a priority as the development boarders the Resurrection River estuary and Resurrection Bay.  The Historic Iditarod Trail will provide public access across the property open to the citizens of Seward is planned to provide bird watching and other natural pursuits common to the area.

Seward is the only ice-free, deep water port providing access to air, road and rail transport, and as stated by Governor Parnell in a 2012 letter to the Mayor of Seward, “[Seward] is a vital route into the heart of Alaska.”  

A secondary goal of the project is to provide additional moorage to the marine community in an effort to alleviate the overcrowding of other Alaskan harbors. The main small boat harbor in Seward, located on Resurrection Bay, currently serves as the primary destination for tourists and boating enthusiasts, which is evident by their waiting list of 200 slips in May of 2014.  We picture Mount Alice Harbor providing slips for the increased recreational fishing boats, luxury yachts and fishing vessels.

An additional vision of the Mount Alice Development Corporation is the development of the Mount Alice Ski Resort. Mount Alice, a local favorite, is a dramatic 5,265 foot summit directly west of the town of Seward, across Resurrection Bay in the Kenai Mountain Range, and only three miles from Mount Alice Harbor.  The Mount Alice Development Corporation considers the slopes of Mount Alice an excellent location for this endeavor and has gained the access rights to the slope.  Research is ongoing on the Federal requirements to develop a ski resort in this area.